Our programs By Age

Gate Hill is an experience of a lifetime for our campers. We offer programs for children ages 3 to entering 10th grade. Each division of campers listed below allows children to thrive within an exciting and developmentally age appropriate program.

Villagers: Age 3 to
Entering Kindergarten

The Villagers are the youngest of the Gate Hill campers. These campers spend their day in a developmentally appropriate program. Junior sized fields and courts, as well as special program areas including, Buddy’s Playhouse (indoor play center), early childhood arts, an introductory heated pool and the Village playtown, are places where the Villagers can use their imagination, make new friends and improve physical skills. Every group is supported by a 1:4 staff to camper ratio, including an Early Childhood head counselor; a parent or young teacher.Click here for more information about the Villager program

Entering Grades 1-2

The Pathfinder program is balanced between creative and physical activities designed to foster independence and build self-esteem. At this age, campers get to choose one weekly program elective, in addition to participating in the daily group and full camp activities. Pathfinders have caring and nurturing staff members chosen for their ability to work with younger children. Jr Pathfinders (ent 1st grade) still benefit from early childhood programs such as our Jr Sports and EC art programs, and an Early Childhood head counselor leads each Jr Pathfinder group.

Entering Grades 3-4

For Pioneers, Gate Hill offers the opportunity to develop relationships with summer friends and engage in new enriching experiences. At a higher athletic level, Pioneers are now able to refine their sports skills as well as develop a lifelong hobby with their two weekly electives. Counselors are now “big brother/big sister” role models and work to ensure that these campers learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and enhance self-esteem.

Entering Grades 5-9

These oldest on-grounds campers are able to participate in all the activities that Gate Hill has to offer. Mountaineers fully experience the freedom of a diverse summer program charged with fun and adventure. Fifth & sixth grade campers take an off-grounds trip three times throughout the summer, while, seventh & eighth graders will travel for off-grounds day trips 6 times times in eight weeks, and experience 2 overnight trips too! Groups are led by counselors who campers can relate to, who share a wide variety of interests.

Entering Grades 9 & 10

LIT (Leader In Training) is a specially designed program for our oldest teen campers. The LIT program is divided into three varying experiences.

  • Spending time learning to work as counselors with younger campers
  • Camp activities, swimming and day trips
  • Building life and work skills such as CPR, Leadership, Peer Communication, and Game Facilitation 

LIT’s are still campers, although they are trusted with a more flexible daily schedule and greater sense of responsibility. LIT is a 1 or 2 year program.

Explorers: Enrichment and exploration
Entering Grades 3-9

This arts and sciences program is designed for children who want to explore their interests in the creative arts and sciences, yet still want to take advantage of the offerings of a traditional camp setting. Explorers campers spend their morning in exclusive week long workshops of their choice. These are based on 5 core categories: Science and Technology, Creative and Digital Arts, Strategic Games, Music and Theatre, and History and Social Science The balance of their day consists of two swim periods, a traditional camp elective, one group activity, and of course lunch & snack. In fact nearly the whole day is choice periods. (Click here to read more about the Explorers)