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A Day at Gate Hill

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With professional drivers and friendly bus counselor staff from your neighborhood, air conditioned mini-buses arrive right at your home. Our bus program includes daily activity surprises, games and themed weekly challenges and prizes to ensure camp fun from your door to ours.

Good Morning

The whole camp community comes together every morning to introduce the day, celebrate our campers, and share some whacky experiences. At "The Gathering" Birthdays are cheered, games are played, and good deeds are recognized, as the camp comes together to start another day of fun and family.


Our family of talented specialists run engaging programs in age appropriate facilities. Every division has its own balanced mix of regular favorites and selected pursuits in sports, arts, swim and adventure. Our campers are encouraged to develop their passions and discover fun in new experiences.

Meet a Counselor

Pool Aquatics

Each age group has its own time at the aquatics facility for swim instruction. In the same small teaching groups each day, campers progress with others their age and skill in a comfortable, supportive environment. Progress is consistently rewarded, with skill progress keytags, weekly effort awards and recognition at The Gathering.

The Gate Hill swim program is designed to support and challenge campers of all levels, from a Villager blowing bubbles in our shallow learning pool, to a Mountaineer learning aquatics rescue techniques in our Trident program. There is always an incentive to improve, and the community shares pride in our campers' achievements.

Campers Swim Twice every Day!

Instruction every morning, Recreational swim in the afternoon

Daily Electives

Elective periods give Campers the chance to pick an activity they want to focus on every day that week, tailoring their Gate Hill experience more closely to their interests, and try new skills. The varied options change every week, and include and expand on the most popular activities from throughout camp, including swimming, rock climbing, creative arts and athletics. Innovative options include competitive sports leagues, fencing, fishing, Build-it! and our 4 week musical productions.

1st through 2nd grade

Once a Day

3rd grade and up

Twice a Day


A daily hot lunch special served family style is complemented by a full salad bar, sandwich, bagel, pasta, rice, yogurt and fresh fruit options every day. Allergy and other camper considerations receive individual attention to ensure every camper can look forward to a satisfying meal with their friends.

The Grub


The Athletics program is built around the core virtues of spirit, effort, teamwork and sportsmanship. These values prioritize our campers' social development and support the collaborative environment within our camp community. Trained specialists instruct activities with passion and patience, ensuring skill development and competition are a shared experience that all campers can enjoy.

While traditional sports are comprehensively covered, special events and new games are part of the fun too. Gate Hill is home to Gaga Madness, a week long tournament in our 5 pro-grade Gaga arenas. Just one of many friendly events that energize campers of all abilities in our community to feel shared responsibility, challenge and excitement.A word from our founders

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Keep quenchin' at dozens of water fountains

Outdoor & Adventure

Gate Hill builds wonder and self confidence with our inspiring outdoor and adventure activities. Soar through the air on a 300 ft. zipline, race at go-carts, explore our serene mountain setting with our in-house nature specialist, or set your sights on the 45 foot climbing tower!

Through our program, campers are challenged everyday to practice teamwork, creativity, problem solving, and courage. We foster a sense of adventure and curiosity in a safe and nurturing environment. The program is intentionally designed to provide new thrills and challenges for every age. Campers are coached to gain confidence and achievement from their experiences every summer.

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Over 16,000 summer fun photos available for free download every summer


Campers engage in a range of art mediums throughout the summer. Forging imagination into reality through progressive skills and detailed instruction, our campers gain the appropriate knowledge to develop new and fun creations from year to year.

Weekly schedules also allow campers to express themselves through theater, music, and cooking, as well as sculpting, glazing and baking original ceramic masterpieces.

With Cardboard Creatures, crafted by Villager hands, to stunning jewelry and wooden sundials, shaped by Mountaineers, camp families will gain a treasured collection of displayable art that each camper can be proud of.

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Recognize a kind act with a "Buddy Note"

Special Events

Special events at Gate Hill are the highlights of the summer. Incredible, unexpected and outrageous, days like Halloween in July, Island day and Carnival surprise and excite campers and staff alike. Silly themes, wacky games and crazy costumes bring the wild joy that can only camp can create.

These days are also designed to bring Gate Hill together. Events like the Gate Hill Challenge, with its weeks long scavenger hunt, or the teamwork of the Project Morry Swimathon combine novel activities with an community effort to create lasting memories for Gate Hill to share.

Special Events - Sneak Peek

Keep parents informed

Communication is incredibly important to the Gate Hill experience. Our team actively reaches out to keep families supported and informed, understand and accommodate the needs of campers and parents, and keep the entire community engaged in the summer experience.

During the day


Office: As the summer bus dispatch, the main office communicates all bussing information, and supports families planning a playdate, arranging an alternate drop off, or just running a little late. The Gate Hill office is also available for queries and support throughout the year and with extended hours during the summer.

Division Leaders: Division Leaders start the conversation with families before camp even starts, and our proactive communication means parents are kept up to date on their child's social and skill development by phone and e-mail. Whether campers passed the deep water test, made a new friend in the group or needed a hug and a band aid, families are kept informed. 

Camp Directors: From first meeting, personal relationships are continued throughout the summer by our hands on Directors. Gate Hill is a family owned and operated business, and the availibility and engagement of Directors to our families is a strong part of the fabric of the camp community.

Before and After Camp


Table Talk: Parents love the inside look from our tri weekly "Table Talk" e-mails. A cheat sheet of the activities and surprises of camp, and an insight to their child's group experience at Gate Hill. We help parents start the dinner table conversation without having to ask "What did you do at camp today?". 

Camp in Touch: Gate Hill is online 24/7 with personal accounts for every parent through our website. review enrollment details, check your balance and keep up to date with forms. 

Photos: Our dedicated photography team captures the joy of summer every day, and these images are made available free of charge through a secure website. Photos can be searched by week and Division and downloaded right from the website to share with friends and family.

Newsletter: The camp newsletter is a weekly look into the events and excitement of camp. With photos, reminders and colorful descriptions of each day, families can recap the week and get excited for what is yet to come!

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