Early Childhood Welcome to the Village

Specially designed for our youngest campers, the Villagers program are the foundation of the Gate Hill community. Discover how our developmentally appropriate programs, facilities, events, and staff keep the Villagers active and engaged all summer long.

Become a part of the Gate Hill family - give us a call or schedule a visit to see if the Villager program is the right fit for your child.

Exceptional Staff

With a 1:3 counselor to camper ratio all of our Villagers receive the necessary attention they deserve! All of our Early Childhood head counselors have professional or personal childcare experience and include parents and teachers. From that extra special snack with fruit choices, to special "just for Villager" events, to drying little wet feet, the Villagers staff never miss a beat!

A Camp to Grow With

Our commitment to a new and exciting program and facility every year ensures that our youngest campers will always have something to enjoy at camp! In addition to our yearly growth, the Villagers program nurtures the development of our little ones. The Early Childhood program develops intrinsic skills like teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, and making new friends; skills that they will use all of their lives!

"There will never be a year when we're not building"- Josh Male, Camp Owner & Director.

Junior Sized Facilities

Gate Hill features facilities that are "just right" for our youngest campers and includes an interactive playground and imaginative play areas in our Gate Hill "Village". Facilities throughout the camp include Junior sized sports facilities like baseball, hoops, soccer, tennis, martial arts, and gymnastics. Our Early Childhood sports specialists emphasize age appropriate games and skills that develop fine motor skills and teamwork.

If swim is where you're headed next, you'll be sure to find our introductory heated Villager pool- perfect for those just learning how to swim. With a swim instructor ratio of 1:3 our proven learn-to-swim program is sure to help even the most reluctant swimmers fell comfortable and enjoy the water.

Villagers enjoy many all camp events as well as their own special events like a teddy bear picnic, oreo olympics, duckie day and more.

The Gate Hill Community: Routines and traditions

From the minute your child gets on the bus the Gate Hill day has begun! Our bus counselors engage Villagers with their own range of age appropriate games, activity books and puzzles that rotate throughout the summer. When they arrive at camp they are greeted by enthusiastic counselors who lead them to The Gathering to join the rest of the Villagers and enjoy a special morning snack. Other traditions include group rocks, special "Villager" theme songs, snack time, and theater stories & crafts that promote weekly themes.

The schedule of the day includes time to prepare for the day ahead, make a visual timetable, enjoy songs and a mid day rest period with cots for 3 and 4 yr olds. Campers that dont need full reclined rest have a period of calm & creative play or storytime.