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2021 Protocols

  • Health Screenings

    All families and staff should do a daily health assessment at home each morning. If a camper or staff member has any symptoms of Covid-19 we ask them to stay home and notify camp. We will also ask that all members of our community take Buddy’s Pledge to protect the health of our community in and out of camp by following all public health guidance and GHDC protocols.

  • Masking and Distancing

    Campers & Staff will not be required to be masked while outdoors and in their pod during the camp day. All campers & staff will be asked to wear masks on the bus. All unvaccinated staff will be required to wear a mask while indoors. Social distancing protocols will be in place for any mixed-pod event, i.e. an outdoor, newly imagined morning gathering. We have designed our capacity and schedule to ensure no group is ever within 6 feet of another during the camp day.

  • Hand Sanitizing and Hand Washing

    There will be hand sanitizing stations throughout camp and on every bus. Campers and staff will sanitize before the start of each activity and before and after meals.

    Counselors will carry a PPE bag with hand sanitizer to be used throughout the day and masks for campers as necessary.

  • Transportation

    Our current plan is to have assigned seating on the bus. When possible campers will sit with a sibling or a member of their pod. Drivers, counselors and campers will all be masked on the bus. Some windows/vents will be open for ventilation when possible. Eating on the bus will not be allowed due to mask requirements. Additional afternoon snacks will be provided by camp.

  • Lunch and Hydration

    Pods will eat together, with individual pods separated by social distancing. Snacks and meals will be served as individual portions, rather than family style. All food allergies and special food needs will be accomodated, as usual. There will be water bottle filling stations throughout camp. Parents will be asked to provide their campers with their own water bottles this summer, to avoid any accidental sharing of bottles. Water fountains will be eliminated for Summer 2021.

  • Visitors

    Out of an abundance of caution, campus will be closed to outside visitors, except for essential food and material deliveries. There will be no parent visiting, group late stays, or trips out of camp for Summer 2021. To stay connected from home we will post videos and photos on social media and have limited weekly photos on our website.

  • A Shared Commitment to a Healthy Community

    We ask parents (and staff) to monitor their children’s health when at home. If a Camper is exhibiting any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or is just not feeling well, we ask parents to keep them home from camp.

    If while at camp a child or staff member has a temperature of 100 degrees (or higher) or exhibits any signs and symptoms of COVID-19, they will be sent into our quarantine area with Nurse supervision, and will need to be picked up from camp. Campers and staff who have been sent home due to possible COVID 19 may return to camp after a negative antigen test and after their symptoms have resolved as required by the NYS Guidance.

    If a camper/staff member tests positive for COVID-19, Gate Hill will maintain the confidentiality of the individual while mitigating the situation. As per NYS guidance, the case will be reported to the Rockland County Health Department. Gate Hill will notify the families of campers who were close contacts and will be required to follow NYS/CDC quarantine guidelines. All facilities that the individual was in will be disinfected according to CDC guidelines.

  • Covid Testing and Vaccines

    We are strongly encouraging our staff and campers 12 and above to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination before camp begins. NYS guidance requires camp to obtain proof of vaccination.

    Prior to camp beginning, all members of our community are asked to practice social distancing and avoid situations that could increase exposure to COVID-19. Prior to camp starting if you have participated in activities that have increased your (campers & staff) exposure to COVID-19 please follow CDC guidance for testing and quarantine. I.E. large indoor events, airplane travel, indoor dining, etc.

    We will continue to follow guidance from our camp medical professionals as the summer approaches to ensure the best practices to keep our community healthy and safe.

  • Group Pods

    Campers will be assigned to a “pod” (group) that becomes their family during the camp day. Pods will participate in all activities, including group activities, swim, lunch, and pod-electives together.Pods will remain socially distanced from other pods throughout the camp day. Pod size as per NYS is currently up to 36 campers, but GH will maintain smaller pod sizes.

  • Rainy Days

    Camp will be open on rainy days. We have created on-grounds, indoor ventilated rainy-day locations for all of our groups this summer. This will prevent rainy-day cancellations and the need to expose our campers to out of camp facilities unnecessarily.

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting

    All program areas, bathrooms, bunks and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day with EPA approved cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizers.

  • Daily Program

    Ensuring that program spaces are comfortable and safe for our community is a high priority. Fortunately, our facility has many open spaces, both outdoors and open covered areas (tents, pavilions & open barns/bunks). As an example, our computer lab, which is completely enclosed, will be moved or modified to provide ventilated, fresh air spaces.

  • Swim

    Campers will swim by pod twice daily, for recreational and instructional swim. Pods will be divided into smaller group sizes for better instruction. We are currently planning a covid-friendly towel and bathing suit service for 2021.

  • We've got Spirit!

    Spirited GHDC traditions will remain, such as the outdoor Gaga Madness tournament, Buddy Notes, Friday Pool Parties, Carnival, olympics, and so much more!

  • Refunds due to Quarantine

    If a camper misses camp due to a Gate Hill related quarantine, Gate Hill will work with their family to reschedule their time at camp. If that is not possible, a full prorated credit will be applied to 2022.

  • One Camp-One Love

    The love and care that you can only get from the Gate Hill Staff will be at the center ofour plans for Summer 2021. Our leadership team is already meeting monthly to plan staff training and program adjustments to ensure campers will thrive. Although leadership will be masked this summer, we are sensitive to the fact that their presenceis essential for the comfort and care of our campers. With this in mind, every leadership team member will carry a supply of unused camper masks,for those times when a few minutes of up-close care is needed.

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